The Plot

A fast paced LA Neon Noir black comedy, following two bickering small time criminals on the worst week of their lives.  "Hardcore" Jack (DAVID MAPOTHER) is a fast talking, amoral con man, constantly scheming to do anything to make a fast buck.  Kaze Brown (CHRIS O'NEILL) is the muscle of the two, faster with a fist than a snappy comeback, simmering with explosive rage and a troubled past.  When they lose $30k of their ruthless boss Jimmy Chen's (JESSE JAM MIRANDA) money on a card game and get involved with Jimmy's sister, Mei (DIANE YANG)- a good time party girl with a broken heart and a crush on Kaze- they find themselves on the run with a contract on their heads.  Doing anything they can to make the money back and get Jimmy off their trail, their journey through LA's criminal underworld leads them in to ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY.  To get away clean, they'll have to get dirty... 
With crime comedies such as MIDNIGHT RUN, TRUE ROMANCE, PAYBACK and THE LAST BOY SCOUT as touch points, ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY trades in high tension, barbed dialogue and black comedy.  The villains are motivated and dangerous, the main characters morally questionable, and the shootouts,  doublecrosses and debauchery play out on the neon soaked streets of LA.   

ABSOLUTE DEBAUCHERY proudly features a diverse cast of actors. #diversity

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Written and directed by Chris O'Neill

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